Step-by-step funding and application management

Our new Claims and Approval Module has now been released. Find out more here

Do you need help with:
  • grant bid and application management?
  • reporting for CPA, Best Value and other financial requirements?
  • developing a bidding protocol to overcome ‘silo management’ practices and improve inter-departmental communications?
  • managing Local Area Agreements?
  • monitoring European funding bids and contracts as well as UK programmes such as PFI?
  • tracking matched funding?
  • eliminating cross-bidding?

GRANTtracker is a ground-breaking administrative tool which provides the means of recording information on funding support and bid submission.

It not only tracks projects from conception to completion, it also monitors project partner contributions and provides an overall cash-flow schedule.

Designed for local authorities, housing associations, regeneration companies and others looking to manage their incoming and outgoing funds, GRANTtracker provides the complete solution. It has been created by the UK’s leading grant information providers, GRANTfinder, who have more than twenty years’ experience in this field.

Visit our About page or use the Contact link to find out how you can subscribe to GRANTtracker.

Find out more about our latest features :
  • Claims and Approval Module
  • GRANTtracker On-line User Forum
  • GRANTfinder Integration
  • Enhanced report formats
  • Variance tracking
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